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    The Piece-A-Fur gives you the opportunity to play with a piece of our specially produced wind protection faux-fur yourself. You simply cut out the Piece-a-Fur in the desired size and shape and use it when mounting a microphone. This might come in handy if you work with uneven or problematic surfaces like a hairy chest that creates friction noise when recording.
    Our high quality imitation fur is thich, soft and durable, and will cover the microphone to eliminate wind and other noises. It works very well with our Invisible Lav Tape – check out the product.
    The Piece-A-Fur comes in the following colors: Gray, Black, Brown, White, Off-White and Beige.
    Measurements: 36 cm x 11 cm (14.1” x 4.3”).
    Product warranty: This product is covered by a two-year warranty securing against defects in material, design and workmanship.


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    • Be prepared for ALL kinds of wind in just seconds.
    • Switch locations fast and always get the best transparency while blocking the wind noise.
    • Specially designed rubber base for super easy and secure mounting.
    • Base windshield made from highly efficient mesh.
    • Slip-on fur made from Bubblebee Industries’ best imitation fur (high amount of hair pieces per cm2) which allows for optimal frequency transparency.
    • Quick drying of the fur if it gets wet. You can just place it in the mesh bag.
    • Comes in seven different sizes – sure to find a size that perfectly fits your favorite shotgun mic.
    • Save valuable time while getting best quality.
    • Practical mesh bag included for easy storage and fast mounting.
    • Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers.

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    The Windkiller is a long-haired wind protector that fits shotgun microphones from Audio-Technica, Audix, DPA, JVC, Neumann, Røde, Sanken, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sony and others – see sizes below.
    The core of the Windkiller consists of high quality coarse foam with Bubblebee’s carefully chosen soft and fluffy imitation fur on top. This faux-fur is highly durable, works excellent to block the wind and is aesthetically pleasing for the eye.
    In the buttom The Windkiller is constructed with a specially designed rubber mount that grips unto your microphone while still making it perfectly easy to slide the Windkiller on and off.
    The Windkiller comes in five different sizes, from XS to XL, all with an rubber opening in the buttom that fits shotgun microphones with a diameter of 18-24 mm (0.7”-0.9”).
    There are five different lengths:
    SIZE XS: LENGTH: 79 MM (3.1”)

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    KBB1 – Boom Box Multifunctional Boom Stand

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    The Boom Box is a strong and versatile Microphone Boom Stand which doubles as an Apple Box to sit and stand on.


    The wooden box features numerous flush cut-out handles for easy carrying, and a large center cylinder for the boom pole. It is handmade in Southern California.


    Designed by professional Boom Pole Operator William Munroe, the Boom Box was created to fulfill a practical need on set.


    The Boom Box is a strong and versatile Microphone Boom Stand which doubles as an Apple Box.


    Not only does it provide an ingenious way to stand and store a boom pole on set, it also provides a dedicated working platform and station for the boom operator.


    At 13 pounds (5.9 kg) this versatile accessory is easy to move around, yet thanks to its hefty built-in center rib, it can support up to 350 pounds (159 kg).


    With dimensions of 12x12x20 inches, (30.5cm x 30.5 x 50.8cm) this useful wooden box features numerous flush cut-out handles for easy carrying, and a large center cylinder for the boom pole.


    Two sides are left solid to stand on. Finished with two coats of take-whatever-you-throw-at-it marine varnish, it resists sun and moisture for a long life on the set.

    Boom Box designer William Munroe explains, “I created the Boom Box because I needed it on the set based on my own location needs. Folks kept asking for it so now I am excited to see that by partnering with K-Tek, more boom operators around the world the can have access to the practical advantages it offers.”

    Each Boom Box is handmade, sanded and varnished in Southern California.

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    KBLT35B – Boom Pole Case – Small

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    K-Tek’s KBLT35B boom pole case is the perfect solution for carrying and storing your boom pole and other accessories:

    • Three sided case with a semi-hard clam-shell design
    • Made using a three-layer lamination process for extreme strength to weight ratio
    • Complete inside made of female velcro style hook & loop material
    • Three main interior straps for boom and three more interior straps for accessories
    • Interior Accessory Pouch included
    • Features ID tag widow, handles and shoulder strap

    The KBLT35B is a three sided case with a semi-hard clam-shell design with zippers and a removable inside pouch. This new boom pole case is made using a three-layer lamination process for extreme strength to weight ratio. The external black fabric is a rip-stop nylon.
    The inside features a removable pouch that is perfect for holding windscreens, shock mounts, cables, adapters, or anything you can think of. Three main fabric straps on the inside bottom of the case allow the end user to secure their boom pole on the inside, and three more straps on the inside at the top are great for securing things like cables, headphones, or even another boom pole. The KBLT35B features a shoulder strap as well as regular handles for easy carrying.
    The KBLT35B will fit any pole that has a minimum collapsed length of 35 inches or smaller. It was specifically designed for our K123 family of Klassic Traveller boom poles as well as our popular KE79, KE89 and KE110 families of Avalon Aluminum boom poles.