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  • Tentacle Sync

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    Tentacles are basically timecode generators completely stripped-down to what you really need: They are accurate, small, lightweight, smart and easy to use devices. The versatile timecode output of Tentacle will allow you to connect Tentacles to nearly every kind of camera or recorder.

    From a DSLR to an ARRI Alexa, Tentacle works with them. Once connected, you can leave Tentacles on your equipment for the whole day because Tentacles stay frame-accurate for 24 hours and the built-in battery lasts for up to 40 hours.

    Since the introduction of Tentacle Sync, our little octopus has changed the definition of how a timecode generator should be. Small, easy to use and smart.

    But Tentacle Sync is not just a timecode generator – it is a complete, professional workflow solution. No matter if you are a youtuber or a feature film sound engineer, Tentacle Sync does the job.

    And now we have taken that to the next level.

    With batteries lasting for up to 40 hours, an inaccuracy of less than 1 frame in 24 hours and a super-convenient UI, Tentacles are true “set and forget” devices.

    The small, lightweight and unobtrusive Tentacles work with virtually all cameras and recorders on the market and bring timecode technology to any set.

    The Tentacle Sync software prepares your material for editing within a glimpse. Just throw your clips in and that’s it!

    Tentacle Sync allows you to read and analyze all kind of timecodes, including audio timecode, and enables you to sync, view and export dailies immediately – faster and more reliable than other software solutions.